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The Spur

“The Spur” is published weekly and covers the proceedings of every meeting held by the club. Our award winning publication is brought to you by a team of reporters and our publisher, John Gordon. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Spur May 17 2017.pdf - 2 MB05/19/2017

Spur May 10 2017.pdf - 2 MB05/15/2017

Spur May 3 2017.pdf - 856 KB05/10/2017

Spur April 12 2017.pdf - 1000 KB05/10/2017

Spur April 19 2017.pdf - 891 KB05/10/2017

Spur April 26 2017.pdf - 865 KB05/10/2017

Our Leadership

Wentz, Don
Steele, Sam
Cowan, Robert
Gary, Stewart W
Rotary Foundation Chair
Perine, Ken
Membership Chair
Romero, Fernando Jr.
iPast President