The following list includes all current club policies: updated August 2016

1 Accessibility Policy – Physical accommodations – Hearing, sight, wheelchair, etc.
2 Attendance Policy* – Requirements for attendance at club meetings
3 Leave of Absence – For temporary relief from meeting attendance requirements
4 Member’s Financial Obligations Policy* – A breakdown of costs to be a member of the Club
5 Costs Card – 3x5 compressed version of Financial Obligations Policy*
6 Pledge Cards – Used by members to specify use of fines*
7 Events Finance Manager Policy* – Responsible for handling funds related to a club even
8 TRF Grants Management Policy – Requirements for qualifying for and managing Rotary Foundation Grants
9 TRF Grants Financial Management Policy – Rules for handling grants funds from the Rotary Foundation
10 Duties of Officers
11 Duties of Directors
12 Duties of Committee Chairs
13 E-mail – Rules for using member e-mail addresses
14 Duties of Board Advisors
15 Working With Youth – Legal requirements for working with young people.
16 Blue Badge Requirements
17 Membership Retention
18 New Member Mentoring
19 New Member Procedures
19.a Transferring Members
19.c  Application Forms
21 Membership Category Change to Emeritus or Honorary
22 Guests and Lunch * – who pays and who doesn’t
23 Inventory of Interests
24 Prospective Member Card
25 Finance Committee Policy*
27 Operating Reserves Policy
28 Bank Accounts Policy
29 Friend of Livermore Rotary
30 Corporate Members
30a, Brochure Brief
39b. Brochure Detail
31 Types of Membership
32 Sponsorship Guidelines

*revised October 2017. Some outdated policies were removed.

Our Leadership

Coyle, Kathy S.
McMenamin, Patrick
Rotary Foundation Chair
Perine, Ken
Membership Coordinator
Sarboraria, John A.
Frank, Alan M.
Club Service Chair
Wentz, Don
iPast President