We are a very active club in our community and our world. Here is a partial list of our annual activities!

In our Community: This is a partial list. It continues to grow every year!

Local Projects: This is a partial list. It continues to grow every year!


Our club make $12,000 + in grants to local organizations and schools in our community. We have a partner, Livermore Valley Education Foundation, who matches our grants to the schools. This is one of our most successful and rewarding projects. Each recipient attends a meeting and speaks about how their grant will be used.

Music Scholarship

For 15 years we have provided scholarships to music students in 8th -12th grade for lessons, camp, instrument rentals etc.  Funding has ranged from as little as $100  up to $1000. Money is raised through music benefit concerts and generous donations.

The application cycle is now open. Download the application packet.

Dictionaries for 3rd Grade

For the past fourteen years every Third Grade Student attending a Livermore Public school has received the gift of their own dictionary from the Rotary Clubs of Livermore and the Hindu Community and Cultural Center. Since the program began and has seen more than 13,000 dictionaries delivered to Livermore students.

Marylin Avenue School Back to School Night BBQ

Students and familes at Marylin Avenue Elementary School are treated to a picnic style BBQ during back to school night.  Each year we serve between 600-900 meals.

READY Program at Junction K-8

Rotarian Educating and Directing Youth (READY) is a mentoring/tutoring program at Junciton K-8 school. Students are selected by staff and meet with mentors for 2 hours per week, in the school library. In addition, students are taken on field trips designed to give them a broader view of the community and world around them and also to eencoruage them to think about their futures.m.

International House Weekend

For more than 50 years our club has partnered with Interantional House  at UC Berkeley to provide the opportunity for international students to experience small town California and stay with a typical American family. Students visit landmark instittutions in the community and are treated to an old fashioned “PotLuck Dinner Party”.

Outstanding Educators

Each year, one teacher from each school in our district and one adminstrator selected by the Superintendent, are honored at a luncheon held by the club. Recipients also  receive a plauqe and gifts from local organizations
em to think about their futures.

Students of the Month

Livermore, Del Valle and Vineyard high schools staff select outstanding students to be honored at a luncheon. The students receive a plaque and gifts from local businesses.

Nepalese  Orphaned Children Project

Since 1991 our club has supported the orphaned children in Kathmandu, Nepal, prorviing clothing, food and housing. Additionally, we have supported a clinic near-by the orphanage and have delivered much needed medicine and equipment to the clinic.

Students in Government

Students from our high schools spend a morning job shadowing local government staff and first responders. They are then invited to lunch at Rotary, where they introduce themselves to the club and are treated to a state of the city program presented by the City Manager.

Career Technical/Vocational Scholarhips

Every years two graduation high school seniors are awarded $1000 scholarships to pursue vocational/technical education. Named for Ed Runstrom, a longtime Rotarian and Educator, this scholarship is administered by the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation on our behalf.

Sunflower Hill

Sunflower Hill is an organization which focuses on special needs children and adults, primarily on the austism spectrum. They have a community garden where the participants plant and harvest vegetables for their own consumption and which are also sold to the public. Our club has built picnic tables for them and will be helping build a new greenhouse this year.

Other Hands-On Projects

Work projects as need to build wheel chair ramps, room conversion, yard replacement and other hands on construction projects.

Our Internationl Projects:

  • Three projects are underway in Nicaragua. The goals are to provide clean water and sanitation options to rural communities.
  • Medical equipment to emerging countries in Europe
  • Housing in Nafsari India
  • Nepalese Children
  • COANIQUEM – Burned Children Foundation, Santiago, Chile

Rotary International:

  • Rotary Foundation
  • End Polio Now!
  • Clean Water Initiative




Our Leadership

Coyle, Kathy S.
McMenamin, Patrick
Rotary Foundation Chair
Perine, Ken
Membership Coordinator
Sarboraria, John A.
Frank, Alan M.
Club Service Chair
Wentz, Don
iPast President