2018 – 2019 Meeting Videos – President Kathy Coyle

Every week a club member videos the program of the club meeting. Nile Runge was the person who originated the idea and we have more than five years of programs recorded. We keep each Rotary year’s videos online and then archive them. We hope you enjoy them.
Videos are posted for weekly for each month as thumbnails, with the first video ready to play above. There are forward and back arrows to go the next video, or you can click on a different thumbnail and that video will open above.

Most Popular Videos 2018

Tim Barry 36 1/18
Speech Contest 26 1/25
Scott Greggerson 22 10/25
John Shirley 19 8/19
Steve Glazer 12 12/07
Lara Webber 13 11/30
Bob Jacobs 12 3/21

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