Member Area

This page is intended for use by members of the club. Member Rosters should not be shared with non-members without permission from the Club President.  Other information, such as finances and budgets is not restricted.

Member Rosters

Effective September 1, 2021 we will no longer publish the member rosters to our website. You can access the membership database by loging into DACDB and clicking on the “MyClub” and then the Cub Members icon. Please contact Club Secretary Joel Swanson if you have any questions.


Meeting Volunteer Schedules

Contact Gordon Jones to sign up on our Google Sheet to help with Club Service:  Spur Reporter, Photographer, Thought for the Day, Zoom host and more.


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Our Leadership

Fagliano, Sheila M.
Rounds, David Michael
Past Secretary
Burnham, Alan K
Membership Coordinator
Club Director - First Year
Cavalieri, Lance
Memula, Lingagoud
Club Director - First Year
Rotary Foundation Chair
International Service Chair
Jones, Gordon Francis
Club Director - First Year
Club Service Chair
Kaskey, Loretta
Club Director - First Year
Community Service Chair
McCandless, Paul
Club Director - Second Year
Vocational Service Chair
Youth Services Chair
Tinney, Linda
Club Director - Second Year