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The Spur

“The Spur” is published weekly and covers the proceedings of every meeting held by the club. Our award winning publication is brought to you by a team of reporters and our publisher, John Gordon. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Spur 010919.pdf - 1 MB 01/11/2019

Spur 121918.pdf - 1 MB 12/21/2018

Spur 121218.pdf - 1 MB 12/14/2018

Spur 120518.pdf - 1 MB 12/07/2018

Spur 112818.pdf - 1 MB 12/06/2018

Spur 111418.pdf - 1 MB 11/16/2018

Spur 110718.pdf - 1 MB 11/12/2018

Spur 103118.pdf - 1 MB 11/02/2018

Spur 102418.pdf - 1 MB 10/26/2018

Spur 101718.pdf - 1 MB 10/19/2018

Spur 101018.pdf - 1 MB 10/12/2018

Spur 100318.pdf - 1 MB 10/05/2018

Spur 092618.pdf - 1 MB 09/28/2018

Spur 091918.pdf - 1 MB 09/21/2018

Our Leadership

Davis, Jay
Carroll, Jessica
Club Director Public Relations
Dean, Phillip N.
Training Officer
Freeman, Lynne
Club Director
Community Service
Hart, Jonathan
Club Director
Youth Services
Hickman, Barbara
Attendance Secretary
Liotard, Jaslynn Irene
Club Director
Vocational Service
Michels, Theodore C.
Club Youth Protection Officer
Miller, Dale E.
Club Director
International Service
Romero, Fernando Jr.
Club Director
Major Events
Sblendorio, Sblend A.
Sheffield, Sonya D.
Club Director
Club Service
Cavalieri, Lance
Hudson, John Raymond
Membership Chair
McMenamin, Patrick
Rotary Foundation Chair
Steele, Samuel S.
iPast President