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The Spur

“The Spur” is published weekly and covers the proceedings of every meeting held by the club. Our award winning publication is brought to you by a team of reporters and our publisher, John Gordon. We hope you enjoy reading them.


Spur Jan 6, 2021.pdf - 578 KB 01/09/2021

Spur Report Dec 9, 2020.pdf - 423 KB 12/13/2020

Spur Report 12-02-2020.pdf - 401 KB 12/03/2020

Spur Report 11-11-2020.pdf - 331 KB 11/13/2020

Spur Report 10-21-2020.pdf - 907 KB 10/26/2020

Spur Report Oct 14, 2020.pdf - 585 KB 10/18/2020

Spur 10-07-2020.pdf - 423 KB 10/09/2020

New Bulletin.pdf - 675 KB 10/04/2020

Spur September 28-2020.pdf - 374 KB 09/28/2020

Our Leadership

Perine, Ken
Coyle, Kathy S.
Training Officer
Past President
Hickman, Barbara
Attendance Secretary
Sblendorio, Sblend A.
Schmidt, James P.
Club Director
Sheffield, Sonya
Membership Coordinator
Club Director
Swanson, Joel C.
Club Director
Cavalieri, Lance
McMenamin, Patrick
Rotary Foundation Chair
Gerich, Carol
Club Service Chair
Beck, Keith
International Service Chair
Rozsa, Mary Anne
Youth Services Chair
Davis, Jay
iPast President